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Schokotaler prices:

Personalized Schokotaler Box / 100 pieces


Price* in €

100 67
200 104
300 140
400 177
500 216
600 259
700 294
800 336
900 378
1000 409
1100 450
1200 491
1300 531
1400 572
1500 613
1600 654
1700 695
1800 736
1900 777
2000 818

Online orders up to 5000 pieces.

Personalized Schokotaler Gift Box / 48 pieces


Preis* in €

48 39
96 78
144 117
192 156
240 195
288 223
336 260
384 297
432 334
480 371

* Price incl. 10% VAT, excl. Shipping

If you wish to order higher quantities, please contact
bestellung@schokotaler.com. We will gladly make you an offer.

Here you will find the shipment costs.

Confection, printing & shipping:

Your chocolate medallion need max. 2-3 days for printing and manufacture. Afterwards they will be sent via post to you. More about shipping times and costs see here.  You will be update concerning your shipment via SMS or e-mail.

Every “Schokotaler” is a handmade article as the labels are manually adhered by our staff. We ask for your understanding, if not every label is applied exactly in the center. If you are not happy with the quality of your individual “Schokotaler”, please contact service@schokotaler.com. Your request will be answered in the shortest possible time.

If you have any questions about your delivery, please contact service@schokotaler.com.


You can collect your order directly in the chocolate factory shop after 5 days (see factory shop). You are no longer to be notified in advance.

Durability of chocolate medallion:

The expiration date is printed on the label on the backside of the chocolate medallion and they don't expire until 9 months after production. The chocolate can be easily stored. Here it must be ensured that they are not stored too hot or too cold. Ideal for storage are 18 degrees Celsius.

Upload print data:

If you want to upload a ready-made label design, you can do this by clicking on the menu item „picture“ of the label-designer. The ready-made label has to be a jpg or png.

Summer shipping information:

Because of the sensibility of chocolate to heat we offer chilled express shipment during summer (€ 8,50 for chilled shipping plus express premium). If you choose standard-shipping, you have to take delays in delivery into account, as we only ship chocolate up to max. 25°C to guarantee best quality. You will have to wait for the next cooler weather period to receive your parcel. If you need your Schokotaler parcel on a certain date, we recommend the chilled express shipment. The chilled shipment only works for express deliveries. Here you will find all costs.